Recommended Tools

Process Street

I recommend Process Street for its features, ease of use and interface. It has a simple layout that lets you create structured documents very quickly, with intuitive keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop functionalities. Users can create and assign team checklist workflows and track activity from the dashboard and through notifications. You can input data manually on checklists or send it from the apps you regularly use. The Zapier integration lets you automatically schedule and assign workflows and updates the other apps when actions happen inside the service. Users can also add various forms of media to documents including images, videos and files. The tracking feature displays the status of multiple checklists simultaneously, providing an overview of organizational activity. Project leaders can also monitor progress on checklists and have discussions regarding tasks. There is also functionality to control user rights such as editing, viewing and execution of specific checklists.


I’m recommending Wrike for its security features, functionalities and ease of use. Overall, the platform is simple and intuitive. The Business package includes a reporting feature, which is useful when managing several projects and tasks. It shows you various customizable reports. The live stream shows real-time updates on all products and instant status reports which are very easy to understand. There is also a report filter feature so users can view all updates in the stream or just updates on tasks they are following. Wrike offers a secure environment that complies with both the EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield. Security features include network security, application security, authentication, and encryption. 


I recommend the Monday project management tool for its functions and ease of use. It allows you to create boards, where you track your tasks and tasks your team is working on. There are pre-existing board templates for fast board creation of various domains including admin, development, HR, sales, marketing among others. Comments can be made on the boards and tasks where you can tag team members to notify them of tasks and projects. The timeline (time management) function is useful for managing various projects over extended periods of time. There is also a visual timeline for the projects that can be easily defined with a drag-and-drop function.