BABOK Focus Checklist

Are you struggling to absorb the BABOK Guide? Does it seem like no matter how many times you read the material you just can’t retain it? If so, it’s because you don’t know the learning objectives, therefore, the text has no reason to persist in your mind. The BABOK FOCUS CHECKLIST will provide you with the learning objectives of each section of BABOK so that you can focus your reading. You will also be able to gauge whether or not you have achieved the expected learning outcomes required to pass the certification exam. Get your FREE checklist by filling out the form right below!!!!

IIBA Certification Study Strategy

Do you find yourself procrastinating when it comes to studying for your IIBA certification exam? Or maybe you’re studying but not sure if you’re studying the BABOK Guide correctly. If these apply to you, what you need is a STUDY STRATEGY! In this presentation, I’m giving you the information you need to develop an effective study strategy that will help you retain more information from the BABOK Guide and PASS your IIBA certification exam!!! Access the Study Strategy presentation by filling out the form right below!

IIBA Certification Overview and FAQs

This is a replay of an IIBA Certification Q&A session from Facebook Live. I gave an overview of the IIBA certifications, which included discussion on the exam blueprints, eligibility requirements, exam fees, the application process, key study tips, recertification, exam retakes, as well as preparation resources. There were several questions asked during and after the session. Get access to the questions and responses when you sign up below!!!